Hobby Fair

Date:Jan 28, 2021
Time: Virtual
Committee Chair: Alissa Hugelman

Volunteer Opportunities:
N/A for virtual event


The Hobby Fair is a low key, non-competitive event where students can proudly share a hobby that is near and dear to them! Examples of hobby displays from the past are: rock collections, Lego creations, sports cards, crafting exhibits, stuffed animal collections, drawing and painting.

This year, we’re hosting this event on a VIRTUAL platform to allow the children to participate without having to completely cancel it due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Kate Artwork K01

Kate from K01 

Joey Legos 412.

Joey from 412

Elsie Collects Stuffed Animals 203

Elsie from 203

Audrey Sewing

Audrey from 102

Adalynn Beads 203

Adalynn from 203

 Abby Piano 211

Abby from 211

Carter Pokemon Cards 211

Carter from 211

Hunter Ninja Spin Kick K01

Hunter from K01

James Back Flips K01

James from K01