Parent Volunteers Needed – YoYo Sales!

Robert Frost / Challenge Center is excited to have the NED show coming for two assemblies the afternoon of Friday, Sept 22.

Part of getting the NED show for free is through their “pay it forward” promotion.  Each school sells their yoyo’s for 5 consecutive days after the performance. This means we will have yoyo sales each afternoon the week of Sept 25th, and we need two parent volunteers each day to help facilitate sales from 2:35-3:05. This will allow kids who ride the bus to have an opportunity to buy a yoyo and be a part of the fun!    

NED’s message is great! Playing with yoyos is a wonderful way to improve eye-hand skill and an activity all kids can do.

For two weeks after the performance, we will have a “NED ZONE” on the playground for kids to practice their yoyo skills and use their grit and perseverance to become yoyo experts!  It is a something kids love every time we have the NED show. 

Please contact or the school office if you are able to help any of these days!

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