Each year, the Executive Board prepares and recommends an operating budget for the current school year. This budget is based on estimated expenses (assumed from previous years) as well as projected funds received through various fundraising events. An updated budget recap is presented at each meeting and votes to amend and approve expenditures are voted on by those present at the meeting.

2021-2022 Proposed Budget

Past Years’ Budgets

2020-2021 Final Budget

2019-2020 Final Budget

2018-2019 PTO Final Budget

2017-18 Robert Frost PTO Final Budget

2016-17 Robert Frost PTO Budget

2015-16 Robert Frost PTO Budget

2014-15 PTO Budget

2013-14 PTO Budget

2012-13 PTO Budget

2011-12 PTO Budget

2010-11 PTO Budget